Yamaha Releases 2023 Yamaha FZ-15, Uses Gasoline/Ethanol As Fuel

Yamaha launched the 2023 FZ-15 in Brazil. The design and appearance of the motorcycle received several changes. However, the main change offered on the bike is the type of fuel. The new Yamaha FZ-15 runs on ethanol as well as gasoline. The motorcycle is named Fazer FZ-15 in Brazil. However, if the company plans to launch it in India, the bike will be called FZ V3 (as an updated version).

The details about the motorcycle have been mentioned below.


Design changes on the bike include a refreshed headlight. The bike’s refreshed headlight looks more like the FZ25 sold in India. The color scheme of the motorcycle gives it a new look. The remaining part of the bike remains more or less the same.


As for the engine, the FZ-15 is powered by a 149cc engine that runs on gasoline or gasoline. The 149 cc engine generates a power of 12.2 hp and a torque of 12.7 Nm. In terms of transmission, the motorcycle is offered with a 5-speed gearbox. However, the brakes as well as the suspension setup remain the same as the previous model. The wheels of the FZ-15 2023 measure 17 inches while the weight of the motorcycle is 135 kg.

The fuel tank capacity of the motorcycle is 11.9 liters. While the bike’s tank capacity is reduced, ground clearance has increased slightly, the company revealed.


The FZ-15 is offered in three attractive colors, including Racing Blue, Midnight Black and Magma Red.

As of now, we have no confirmation regarding the launch of the bike in India. However, if the bike is launched, it will be somewhere in 2023. In India, the updated FZV3 will face Apache RTR 160, Bajaj Pulsar N160 and Suzuki Gixxer TVS.