Varanasi student innovates with device that uses the sun to cool water

IInnovations generally arise from requirements. In the case of Aanchal Singh, she had seen her father working in the heat for years, without fresh water to drink. He worked at a gas station and his bottle of cold water warmed up in minutes.

BCom student Aanchal Singh designs solar cooling belt to cool water

The BCom student, who resides in Varanasi, designed a belt that can be attached to any water bottle. When exposed to the sun, this belt uses solar energy to cool the water.

This innovation inspired by “Make in India” includes a solar plate and a thermal cooling plate that capture solar energy. It fits any bottle like a clock. The device also has a cooling fan and a rubber belt, and all it needs to work is sunlight. As the heat increases on the outside, the bottle cools faster. In fact, it takes about an hour to chill a liter of water.

After seeing its innovation, the community innovation center MIET College Atal de Meerut promised to help improve the device further. The vice president told the Economic Times, “We are always ready to promote this type of innovation. Solar energy, used as an alternative energy, is now becoming an important part of our energy needs. This is a very cool invention that will keep the bottle cold without electricity.
Meanwhile, Aanchal says the government should step in to support young innovators like her.

Wouldn’t it be great if such an innovation could one day become a practical substitute for refrigerators?

Watch this video to learn more about Aanchal’s innovation:

‘Varanasi B.Com. student develops ‘solar cooling belt’ to replace fridge” Published May 2, 2022 Courtesy of The Economic Times

Edited by Divya Sethu