UPS uses double-trailer trucks on Spanish roads

In an effort to reduce its road transport emissions, UPS uses double-trailer heavy-duty trucks in Spain which it claims will reduce its emissions by 30% per trip.

The heavy trucks, operated by Grupo Carrasco, use a tractor and two full-size trailers. This reduces carbon emissions per mile compared to two tractors pulling both trailers individually. It is estimated that EcoCombi units can save up to 30% emissions per trip.

“We are committed to delivering more while reducing the carbon intensity of our operations,” said Daniel Carrera, president of UPS Europe. “These duo trailers demonstrate how we tirelessly innovate and collaborate to create efficiencies across our network and build a sustainable future for our customers and the communities where we live and work.”

The first EcoCombi units are to run between Madrid and Barcelona five days a week. They are not the first to circulate on European roads, 18 countries now authorizing their use. They can carry larger and heavier loads with a significant reduction in emissions thanks to less fuel consumption per trip.