This Weird Concept SUV Uses Interchangeable Hydrogen Cylinders To Increase Range

The potential of hydrogen cars may be far from realized, but French-Moroccan car startup NamX has an idea to make them more usable: removable hydrogen capsules that can increase range, which it demonstrated in its hydrogen fuel cell SUV concept.

Its proposal, on display at the Paris Motor Show, takes the form of a Pininfarina-designed four-door coupe concept that uses dual hydrogen storage systems to maximize range. It has a fixed internal tank that should take less than four minutes to fill, as well as docks for up to six refillable hydrogen canisters for extra fuel, which NamX estimates to add to the range and reach 497 miles (800 kilometers). ). NamX imagines its hydrogen cylinders would be refillable at hydrogen stations, available pre-filled at retail outlets or delivered to owners’ homes via subscription services.

It would all be in service of an SUV that isn’t as appliance-like as many imagine battery-electric vehicles are, with a proposed base rear-wheel-drive model generating 300 horsepower and capable 550-hp all-wheel-drive according to Carscoops. It is said to offer a zero to 60 mph time of as little as 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.

NamX isn’t sure exactly how much of its SUV’s range would come from its on-board tank versus its removable cells, and it’s unclear if this system is as beneficial as it looks. Existing hydrogen cars such as the Toyota Mirai can already travel more than 400 miles on their internal tanks, and the added complexity of this multi-capsule setup could increase the cost of a production vehicle.

All in all, the NamX H2 bottle idea is definitely interesting, but it puts the cart a bit before the horse. Or rather, cartridge before power. (Note to readers: I’m sorry, that’s not even very smart and I know it.)

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