This Karnataka man uses solar power to meet all his needs, whether at home or in the office

The importance of the Sun, its benefits and the impact it can have on human life have never been fully understood, but it seems that 47-year-old Sanjay Deshpande from Karnataka got it right.

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Sanjay uses solar energy to meet all his needs whether at home or in the office.

Drives an electric car, operates solar pumps

He drives an electric car and uses solar-powered pumps to water his garden. He said his savings is Rs 18,000 per month and apart from that he earns Rs 1,000 from the power company by selling the solar power he generates, The new Indian Express reported.

Sanjay said his father’s friend gave him this new idea.

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“He advised me to place a solar panel outside the window to shield the room from the scorching sun and generate power to run the fan all night without any interruptions,” Sanjay said, a solar architect from the town of Hubballi.

Supply electricity to the company

He explained that previously he was paying Rs 4,000 as electricity bill.

“Last year, I installed solar panels on the roof. I have been allowed to set up a solar system which generates an average of 4.2 kW of solar energy, which is supplied to the Hubballi Electricity Supply Company (Hescom) after my use. Hescom, after deducting my electricity bill, earns me between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 every month,” he said, adding, “I have two electric vehicles, household appliances, pumps to water the terrace garden, fountains and more.

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He also placed small solar panels on the windows and balconies that generate small amounts of energy to light the veranda and the bedside lamps.

“Many lights turn on automatically after dusk using sensors that reduce waste,” he said.

Save money, the environment too

He also installed solar panels with a capacity of 3 kW and has not used electricity supplied by Hescom since then, and only pays meter charges each month. “There are three types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film. I installed monocrystalline panels which are very efficient even in the rain and generate more than 60% of electricity,” he said.


Sanjay and his wife use an electric car to get to the office. Previously, their monthly fuel expenses were around Rs 18,000. Recently, they switched to electric vehicles, saving money and the environment.

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