This futuristic cyberpunk motorcycle uses a hydrogen fuel cell that provides 100% clean energy

Discover Hydra, an electric bike with a difference. Unlike traditional electric motorcycles that rely on a powertrain that draws its energy from a lithium-ion battery, Hydra offers an alternative, much more experimental solution: hydrogen fuel cells. Although still in its infancy, the hydrogen fuel cell promises absolutely clean energy. Unlike gasoline engines, fuel cells emit no harmful emissions, and unlike traditional lithium-ion battery electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells eliminate toxic battery acids that can potentially wreak havoc on the environment if not disposed of properly. In fact, when powered with pure hydrogen, the only by-products are heat and water (hence the name Hydra), making the technology a sustainable zero-emissions energy source.

Designers: Anton Guzhov, Anton Brousseau & André Taylforth

While the tech itself is rather fascinating, what’s more appealing here is the designers’ treatment of the bike, giving it an entirely distinct new form factor to underscore the fact that it’s not your medium gasoline vehicle. The Hydra is unmistakably cyberpunk, with the clever use of straight lines to define the shapes and curves only to round the edges. The bike isn’t slick or aerodynamic, but rather has an almost robotic appeal with its affinity for straight lines and simple geometric shapes. Hydra’s front is dominated by a large block that serves as a hydrogen fuel cell. The motor sits just below the cantilever seat, powering the rear wheel directly.

The Hydra sports a beautiful translucent fairing, which reveals the intricacies within and provides a perfect contrast to the other carbon fiber components used around the e-bike.

A look at the Hydra under its fairing gives a better idea of ​​its underlying technology. Even for a fully concept bike at the moment, the level of detail and planning that goes into executing this design is nothing short of astounding.