The place uses the heat produced by people to produce energy to cool them

This is called a recovery session…

Band live on stage in Scotland/Instagram screenshot/@swg3glasgow

As we return to a somewhat normal life, we see more and more people becoming social again.

Which means crowds of dancers and lots of sweat.

But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that opportunity is everywhere, it’s just a matter of thinking and making it work.

We’ve heard a lot about sustainable energy, so it’s no surprise that a popular events venue in Glasgow, Scotland decided to use this concept in their industry.

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But it seems we’re still amazed at how sustainability comes to fruition.

SWG3, “one of Scotland’s most distinctive independent venues”, which was once a galvanizing yard, is now home to an array of “atmospheric spaces driven by art, design, music, fashion, food, shopping and nightlife”. (SWG3 website)

It’s also home to a wonderfully fiery way of generating energy.

“An innovative system has been put into service in the hall, capable of recovering the heat produced by people going to dance and reusing it to cool and heat the hall.” (MSN)

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The system is called “Bodyheat” and works with thermal energy produced when people dance or move in SWG3. The storage system is housed in a series of long tanks, placed up to 150 meters deep.

“The heat energy given off by a body is that of a 100 watt light bulb; dancing ‘fuels’ the body’s power and ability to generate energy. SWG3 CEO Andrew Fleming-Brown said said installing the system was a gamble.” (MSN)

Talk about ingenuity at its peak. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘sweat is magic’…

Check out clips from the SWG3 concert area below, courtesy of Instagram.

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