Spiritual Benefits of Shedding – Pakistan Today

Be careful what you ask for. The sages have insisted on this point for a long time. Like most advice though, it’s easier said than done, as the PDM just found out. The current regime under Shehbaz Sharif had done much of its administrative expertise while in opposition. None of this came close to materializing after he took office – hence the unprecedented rise in fuel prices and the return of load shedding – which earned the administration much criticism from the audience. A social media friend pointed out that, counting previous incarnations of the administration, the myth of “competent administration” had been exposed for the two hundred and thirty-fiftieth time. Looking back, Imran Khan now appears to have handled the perpetual power crisis miraculously well – as well as the other challenges facing the country – an achievement that seems even more impressive given the Covid challenge he has faced.

While the current dispensation deserves all the criticism it gets (and more), it’s not going to suddenly start showing signs of shrewdness in response to being laughed at. The common man might be able to let off steam by ridiculing the administration, but the exercise would do little to help him come to terms with the new realities of life. Until he adapted a philosophy more suited to the situation, that is.

If they want to maintain their sanity, the average person must immediately begin to see the positive side of things. It would help him negotiate not only the exorbitant load shedding, but all the other difficulties that life might throw at him in the future. Here then are some spiritual blessings that he is encouraged to enjoy. The discerning reader would no doubt discover many others for himself.

While the current dispensation deserves all the criticism it gets (and more), it’s not going to suddenly start showing signs of shrewdness in response to being laughed at.

  1. A step in the direction of minimalist living. There is far too much materialism in the world; and until recently there was no light at the end of the tunnel. The load shedding, in this respect, has been nothing short of a boon. Appreciate it. Those who want to go far must travel light, and all that.
  2. Protect mother earth. Most people have no idea the devastation each kWh causes on the environment. They don’t realize that to produce “clean” electricity, the dirty work has inevitably been done somewhere upstream, causing pollution and entropy. Corporate greed ensures that a nation’s progress is measured by the number of units of electricity consumed (per capita) by its people. Do you not wonder then that consciously seeking to reduce electricity consumption is looked down upon? Load shedding will likely achieve what environmentalists have failed to do for decades.
  3. What does not kill you makes you stronger. Never in all of human history has there been a more alarming shortage of men with stiff upper lips. We’ve come a long way from the era of gallant knights in shining armor to men who constantly care about their skin tone and color. This disgrace not only prevents men from helping the world at large, but also results in them being second in all domestic disputes against their wives. By putting them on a hard and tough path, shedding is almost certain to turn things around for the better.
  4. Back to nature! There is no denying that transformers, utility poles, transmission lines and LED lights are unnatural. Nor is their most devastating consequence: the modern lifestyle of retiring late and waking up even later. The greater the load shedding, the greater the possibility of adjusting one’s biological clock in synchronization with nature. For the spiritual benefits of this, refer to any yogi or naturalist.
  5. Get to know your immediate family. Shedding forces you to spend time with your family members, who – to your immense amazement – ​​usually turn out to be quite decent specimens. To take full advantage of this, also turn off mobile data and internet inverter (if applicable).
  6. Journey to a fitter you. Physical fitness and spiritual health go hand in hand. You can speed up the former by using one of the many shedding hours for exercise – no doubt strategically dispersed for your convenience. A detectable improvement in the latter should only be a matter of time.
  7. Fewer bills. In the Islamic Republic, bills are inversely proportional to spiritual well-being. To get the maximum possible benefits, also give up things like the inverter and generator.
  8. Your contribution to the national cause. Not everyone is big enough to be able to defend the homeland against external and internal threats. The common man can take solace in his contribution in the form of unwavering courage in the face of the triple whammy of darkness, summer heat, and a loving spouse. Don’t face these challenges as one resolves not to fuss in the dentist’s chair; instead, be a picture of cheerfulness while doing it. Bask in the glory of knowing you’re doing it for the country.
  9. A more punctual and dedicated you. One of the main reasons behind man’s professional and religious shortcomings is his inability and/or reluctance to get out of comfortable bed. This leaves him a perpetual victim of guilt; and the cycle continues with every instance of weakness on his part. With load shedding times coinciding with most prayer times and wake-up time for work, this failure should soon be a thing of the past.
  10. Appreciation for the lives of the less fortunate. Last but not least, load shedding helps to appreciate the plight of those countless millions of people who have never had, and probably never will have, the luxury of electricity.