Samsung has now launched a credit card: benefits, how to apply and should you get it?

Samsung is an established electronics brand and the company has launched a new product. But this time it’s not a smartphone, TV, tablet, or for that matter, any other electronic object. Instead, the South Korean giant has now decided to enter the payment card (PCI) industry with the launch of the Samsung Axis Bank credit card, powered by Visa. By the way, Samsung became the second smartphone manufacturer to launch its own payment card after Apple. But, as Apple’s services are not yet offered in India, this is a good opportunity for Samsung to get a head start in the Indian market.

So, what special deal does Samsung Axis Bank Credit offer to the end user, and why should you decide to get one for yourself? Well, I attended the launch event and although I wasn’t really sure initially what Samsung could do here that other banks haven’t. But, once the deals were announced, I thought the perks were actually pretty decent. And it comes from a company that is doing all of this for the very first time. Read on to learn all about the new Samsung Axis Bank credit card.

Samsung credit card variants

The Samsung Axis Bank credit card is available in two variants: Visa Signature and Visa Infinite. By the way, I guess the brand of these two cards is plastic. And while I wanted to see the cards in person, unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance at the event. Otherwise a little off topic, I think it would have been so cool if Samsung had provided metal credit cards. Maybe in its next generation we could have a metal credit card. Or I don’t know, do credit cards have any sequels?

Keeping looks aside, the Signature and Infinite variants vary widely in terms of offers and benefits, as well as annual fees. The Signature card comes with an annual fee of Rs 500 plus tax, and if your annual expenditure exceeds Rs 2,00,000, the annual fee is waived. On the other hand, the Infinite card comes with an annual fee of Rs 5,000, but if your annual expenditure exceeds Rs 7,00,000, the annual fee is waived.

Samsung Credit Card Benefits and Offers

In my honest opinion, I think the Signature credit card should be enough for most people, that is, if you like credit cards. If not, even better. But joking aside, as I mentioned above, I think the Signature card comes with some decent offers. Now, there’s no denying that the benefits of the Infinite card are even better, especially the EDGE reward points on international transactions. But then again, great rewards come at a great price.

So, I’m definitely inclined to get a Signature credit card for myself, because I think the annual fees and offers are justified in my pocket. But generally, what are the benefits and offers in place if you decide to get one of the Samsung Axis Bank credit cards?

First comes the cashback offers. Cardholders are eligible for a 10% cashback on all EMI and non-EMI transactions for Samsung products and services, in addition to offers. Cashback is capped at Rs 2,500 per month and Rs 10,000 per year for Signature card holders. On the other hand, cashback for Infinite cardholders is capped at Rs 5,000 per month and Rs 20,000 per year. So definitely a bargain if you are someone who prefers to buy electronic items from Samsung.

Now the benefits also apply to non-Samsung spend, and that’s where things get even more interesting. Cardholders will receive 5 EDGE Reward Points on all domestic and international spend as well as 10 points from select partners with the Signature Card. On the other hand, Infinite cardholders will get 5 points for domestic transitions, 15 points for international transactions, and 15 points from select partners. And beware, 5 EDGE reward points equals 1 Re. So that’s not a bad deal at all, considering you can use this card for shopping, food, entertainment, and more, and get reward points that can be redeemed later.

Apart from this, cardholders also get airport lounge access with Samsung credit cards. Signature cardholders can make 4 visits per year in the domestic lounge only. Unfortunately you will not be able to access the international lounge with the Signature card and that is the only downside I think there is with this card. On the other hand, Infinite cardholders can make 8 visits per year to national and international fairs.

That’s not all, as there is a 1% fuel charge waiver up to Rs 500 per statement.

Finally, welcome benefits include 2,500 EDGE reward points worth Rs 500 for Signature cardholders. While Infinite cardholders will get 30,000 EDGE reward points worth Rs 6,000 as a welcome benefit.

How to apply and final words

You can apply for Samsung Axis Bank credit cards through official Samsung channels. There is a dedicated website where you can go and see all the offers and benefits for yourself. You can also request the cards through the Samsung Shop app. However, I don’t think we can request the cards at this time, as I tried to request the Signature card, and all I could see was the “notify me” button.

Finally, I would say that credit cards are good because they offer many advantages. However, owning a credit card technically takes on debt, so if you own one or are considering getting one, be responsible. As for me, I use a bunch of credit cards for almost everything I do, including online shopping, offline shopping, paying restaurant bills, paying for fuel for my car and more. . So for me, Visa Signature card does the trick, and I think the annual fee is also reasonable, considering that if you don’t reach the annual expenditure of Rs 2,00,000, the annual card fee will not will be only Rs 500. This is quite acceptable to me, given the kind of benefits this card brings to the table. Otherwise, the Visa Infinite card is also very good. I think anyone who does a lot of international travel will benefit greatly from this card in the form of EDGE rewards points. Yes, the annual fees are higher, but so are the benefits.

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