Rwanda: New motorcycle taxi fares set amid rising fuel prices

Fares for motorcycle taxis, using smart meters, have been increased from Frw 107 per kilometer to Frw 117, while payment for the first two meters is Frw 400.

The new prices were set on August 19 but came into effect on Monday August 22.

The development, announced by the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), goes in the direction of facilitating motorbike taxi drivers given the continuous increase in fuel prices at the pump.

When smart meters were reintroduced earlier this year, the plan was to revise prices after two years, meaning prices were due to be changed in 2024.

However, RURA decided to change the fares ahead of schedule due to the unpredictable rise in fuel prices.

Among other changes, a customer is charged Frw 205 per km after 40 km, from Frw 187.

Mixed reactions from the public

Assumpta Uwera, a resident of Kicukiro district, hailed the development saying that the prices set are fair for passengers and passengers.

“Fuel prices had gone up, but meter prices had not. Motorcyclists had stopped using meters and were overcharging by negotiation. 200 Frw in negotiation.” she says.

Emmanuel Uwamugisha, another passenger, said the development was long overdue since riders had stopped using counters.

However, he thinks the changes will barely make a difference, noting that there is still a need to raise awareness about the relevance of smart meters for customers and users, as some are still in the dilemma of understanding the use of the technology. .

Etienne Maniraguha, a motorcyclist based in the Gasabo district, praised RURA for finally thinking of them and adjusting the prices.

He, however, pointed out that there is still a need to revise prices in the long term, saying the increase is still small compared to fuel prices as well as the cost of living in general.

Taxi drivers are always asking for more work on the use of meters and more awareness so that they understand why they need them in service.

Mandatory use of smart meters was officially reintroduced in January this year.