RTC will source fuel from retail outlets

With diesel prices rising for bulk customers like RTC, TSRTC plans for the first time to source fuel from retail outlets across the state, as management had instructed regional managers to form committees to source fuel from local outlets on a regular basis. day by day.

Crude oil prices tend to rise due to the war situation in Ukraine, which has impacted diesel prices, especially for large customers like TSRTC. With elections underway in five states, prices have remained the same for retail markets. However, the same has been increased by oil companies for bulk customers to overcome losses.

According to officials, the TSRTC uses 5.5 lakh liters of diesel per day, or about 20 crore to 21 crore liters per year. The oil companies offer a discount ranging from Rs 3.75 to Rs 4 per liter depending on the areas. Now, without increasing the retail price, the oil companies have increased the prices for large consumers. The price of diesel in the market is currently Rs 94.61 per liter and the price for bulk customers is Rs 95.86 per litre, which is Rs 1.25 more per litre.

According to sources, TSRTC MD VC Sajjanar has issued a circular asking officials to form committees at regional level to finalize local purchase orders to go through depots for diesel supply. Committees should get details of petrol stations near depots and call for expressions of interest from owners to fill up with diesel daily.

The TSRTC has 22 fuel retail outlets, seven of which are fully operated by the RTC and others by contracted service providers. Officials were told to prioritize repositories managed by the TSRTC. Officials were also told to maintain an adequate safety stock of diesel at the depots to avoid any disruption to operations. They were told to source diesel from retail outlets until wholesale supply tariffs were reinstated with prices below the retail price by the oil companies.

Union leader and former director of the Corporation M Nageswara Rao said the rise in the price of diesel for large customers was deplorable and unfair. “These price increases will weigh on the already financially starved RTC, which is struggling to survive,” Rao said, urging Indian oil companies to honor agreements and continue supply at old tariffs and help RTCs across the country. country.