Ride-sharing app InDrive uses TollGuru to clarify toll costs

Global carpooling service inDrive, recently launched in Sydney, has partnered with MapUp’s toll intelligence service, TollGuru, to provide users of the InDrive app with access to toll information for Sydney’s toll roads and cities in Australia.

TollGuru APIs are used by over 30 million vehicles worldwide in over 80 countries to optimize routes, control costs and maximize revenue. Drivers can compare travel time and cost (fuel expenses, tolls) to choose an optimal route for their trips. Through this partnership, passengers and drivers using the inDriver app will see tolls for all bridges, tunnels and toll roads in Australia within the inDrive app – gaining full control over toll costs for journeys.

Mike Chauhan, Australian Country Manager, inDrive commented:

“Sydney is in the midst of an infrastructure boom, with 13 toll roads connecting the city with more planned in the coming years. This partnership with MapUp ensures our passengers in Sydney – and other cities Australia – upfront, transparent and predictable costs before setting foot in an inDrive vehicle. We will continue to bring transparency to our riders and passengers, enabling fair fares for all.”

Maneesh Mahlawat, CTO at MapUp also said:

“At MapUp, we want to empower drivers and passengers to make informed travel decisions. Our mission is to unlock mobility intelligence for real-time journey optimization using learning algorithms Our TollGuru partnership with inDrive makes travel costs transparent for passengers and drivers”

The companies said they plan to expand the partnership to other markets. MapUp currently provides toll information for over 80 countries around the world, including North America, Europe, Australia and Latin America. It has just expanded its coverage to Southeast Asia and is planning other market launches soon.

Ausdroid hopes to try Indrive soon once we need a carpool ride that will cost more than $20 (which is the InDrive minimum) and the route uses a toll road/bridge etc. so we can tell you how the new MapUp integration works.