Parents must ‘fish it out’ after boy uses B&Q screen as toilet

A young boy has left social media users howling with laughter after his mum revealed he pooped in the B&Q display toilet – with parents forced to draft him afterwards. Caroline Akhtar was at the B&Q on Saturday morning with her partner, Azzy, and their four-year-old son, Jacob, and their daughters Frankie, three, and Eliza, one.

The family had gone to the store to buy a clothesline but ended up getting much more than they bargained for. While his parents had their backs turned, Jacob explored a nearby display toilet.

Nature was calling and so the four-year-old did what any young child would do and just sat up, doing a “really big poo”. Taking to Facebook to share the story, where it has since gone viral with over 15,000 likes, Caroline wrote: “I can’t believe what happened.

“J took a really big poo from one of B&Q’s display toilets. He only reached for a clothesline, turned around, and J sat down on one of the toilets. I ran to say get off but it was way too late.

“I went to get some wet wipes and came back to him, still sitting there because he ‘needed to finish’ and my husband didn’t know what else to do. The young salesman couldn’t stop laughing but also completely ignored the situation, don’t blame the boy.”

Azzy takes the poop out (Jam Press)

The parents were initially ‘mortified’ but then saw the fun side of it – although they were less pleased when they had to fish the poo out of the toilet. “At first we were mortified, but then we found it funnier and funnier,” Caroline said.

“I quickly went back to the parking lot to get wet wipes and diaper bags and I couldn’t stop laughing at that point. He was still on the toilet so I started to help wipe his butt and explain to him that toilets in stores aren’t real toilets.He said his sister, Frankie, said he could use it.Eliza was oblivious to everything and happy to play on the toilet.

Facebook users love the fun story of Glastonbury, with the post having been shared 25,000 times on the site.

“Dude, I’d be out! Trash this!” wrote one user. “It’s legendary,” someone else added.

“Well at least he’s clean,” wrote a third user, adding laughing emojis. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen,” another person commented.

“I have never laughed so much in my life,” added a fifth user, using laughing emojis to illustrate his laugh. “OMG what a story this will make when he’s older,” someone else commented.

‘Priceless’, wrote another person, while someone else added ‘I laughed out loud a LOT’. Others, who appeared to be parents, mentioned that they could see their own children doing this.

And it looks like Jacob isn’t the only one mistaking the display toilet for the real deal. “It happened once to Travis Perkins, then the young lady wiped her ass with her teddy bear,” one user shared of her own experience.