Overwatch player uses AI tool to combine heroes with ‘cursed’ results

An Overwatch player has used AI-powered technology to fuse two heroes together, yielding bizarre results that have gone viral.

AI image generators have been popping up all over the internet in 2022.

The first to go massively viral was Dall-E mini, a technology that creates realistic images based on user prompts. Then we had MidJourney, another user-assisted creation tool that focuses more on creating artistic renders from prompts.

Now, using a lesser-known AI tool, an Overwatch player has created nightmarish fuel by merging heroes for insane results.

Overwatch player uses AI to merge heroes

Drewhead118 posted a message on the Overwatch subreddit that read, “I used artificial intelligence tools to generate cursed fusions of Overwatch heroes…I’m so sorry for inflicting this album on the world.

Inside the album are photos of iconic Overwatch characters fused together with fusion names. Some of the fusions that stand out are “Mercrat” (Mercy and Junkrat), Torber (Tracer and Torbjorn), and Moidhog (Moira and Roadhog).

Some users in the comments section were stunned by the results. One said: “Mei 76 looks amazing, Moidhog is nightmarish fuel though.”

Drewhead said he used an AI tool called Stable Diffusion which is currently in beta.

Doomfist and Lucio merged.

They praised its awesome features despite not being fully released yet: “One of the coolest features of this stable release model (which is still being implemented) is an Inpainting mode where you can tell the AI ​​which region to fix and rerun it until it has it true.

“Dalle2 already has this functionality, and it really takes the possible releases to the next level. Glad to try it out once it works! »

As new AI tools continue to grow in popularity and the hype for the release of Overwatch 2 builds, we’re likely to see even more realistic OW character fusions down the road.