Nuclear fuel production Easy task for Iran – Al-Manar TV Lebanon

The head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization said producing nuclear fuel with different levels of purity is child’s play for the country.

Mohammad Eslami added that as part of the Iran nuclear deal, the other parties had promised to give us 20% nuclear fuel for the reactor in Tehran, but they did not keep their word, and Iran l ‘made by itself thanks to the tireless efforts of Iranian scientists and specialists in conforming to the standards.

Eslami also noted: “Unfortunately, after the victory of the Islamic revolution, our country did not fully enjoy its rights, which the International Atomic Energy Agency was obliged to respect due to its selective treatment of countries. “.

The IAEO director added that Western governments have never been honest with Iran despite their misleading humanitarian slogans.

He added that the reactor in Tehran is only for civilian purposes like the production of drugs, but not only did they not supply fuel to this reactor, but they also did not supply its parts.

He also spoke about Iran’s plans to expand its civilian uses of nuclear power program.

Eslami said the first step would be to develop nuclear technology in all aspects of people’s lives, such as increasing the efficiency of this technology through the irradiation of agricultural, food and industrial products.

Eslami also said that in the health sector, more than 50 medical and diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals are produced in the Atomic Energy Organization and 200 medical centers benefit from its drugs.

He added that currently around 1 million people are using AEOI medicines and the organization is trying to expand the production of medicines for the treatment of more diseases.