ncr: Use of coal as fuel will be banned throughout Delhi-NCR from Jan 1 next year | India News

NEW DELHI: The use of coal as fuel in industrial, domestic and miscellaneous applications will be banned in the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi from January 1 next year. However, the ban will not apply to thermal power plants that use low-sulphur coal.
Restrictions/bans on the use of coal will come into effect from October 1 for areas where piped natural gas
(PNG) infrastructure and supply is already available and effective January 1, 2023 for the remaining parts where PNG supply is still not available.
In what could be an important step towards reducing air pollution in the region, the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) on Wednesday announced a timetable for the ban and asked States in NCR and Delhi to start phasing it out while meeting deadlines.
Coal dominates industrial fuels in the NCR and current estimates indicate that around 1.7 million tonnes of coal are consumed annually for industrial applications in the region, with around 1.4 million tonnes consumed in six major districts industrial only.
“Emissions of heavily polluting fuels such as coal for various industrial, domestic and miscellaneous purposes contribute significantly to the degradation of air quality in the NCR and adjacent areas and as a result there has been a constant need to making the switch to less polluting and cleaner fuels felt in the region,” the CAQM said in a statement.
As part of its mandate to prioritize industries to PNG/cleaner fuels, the Commission had constituted an expert group to review and deliberate on all suggestions and proposals in this regard. The panel then recommended phasing out the use of highly polluting fossil fuels like coal and requiring cleaner fuels, where possible.
Keeping in mind the airshed approach for the whole of the NCR and adjacent areas in terms of managing air pollution issues, the CAQM has now decided to phase out the use of coal as fuel of the entire NCR in industrial, domestic and miscellaneous applications (with the exception of the use of low sulfur fuel coal only in thermal power plants), with the aim of improving the overall quality of the air in the area.