MTG Keldon Flamesage adds fuel to Dominaria United archetypes

integrate the new Magic: The Gathering Enlist a mechanic from Keldon Flamesage of Dominaria United allows players to potentially cast large spells for free.

Released worldwide on September 9, Dominaria United (MISP) will contain Phyrexian creatures and cards like Keldon Flamesage to potentially deal with them. The Three-Drop Mono-Red uses the Enlist mechanic to increase its power when attacking, increasing the mana value of any instant or sorcery spell it picks up and its controller can cast for free.

Keldon Flame Sage

Keldon Flame Sage
  • mana cost: 2R
  • Type: Creature—Human Shaman
  • Scarcity: Rare
  • Statistics: 2/3
  • Mechanic: Join
  • Aptitude: Whenever Keldon Flamesage attacks, look at the top “X” cards of your library, where “X” is Keldon Flamesage’s power. You may exile an instant or sorcery card with mana value “X” or less from among them. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in random order. You may cast the exiled card without paying its mana cost.

Several Standard format archetypes will use Keldon Flamesage, from Izz and spells Matter decks to Mono-Red and Red/White Aggro. Decks that contain low cost spells and creatures will likely benefit the most from Keldon Flamesage, reducing the chances of sniffing when attacking.

Casting spells for free is powerful. Using the Enlist mechanic can potentially boost Keldon Famesage’s potency by at least three, allowing players to look at the top five cards and find a spell that costs five or less to cast for free. The human shaman will likely see gameplay in various MTG formats, in tournament and meme combo decks.

Players can test Keldon Flamesage with the digital version of MISP on September 1 or at preview events scheduled for September 2-8.