How to Replace Your Lawn Mower’s Fuel Filter

If your lawnmower is equipped with a fuel filter, replacing it regularly is an important aspect of lawnmower maintenance. Fortunately, swapping out your fuel filter is a job you can easily do yourself.

What type of filter does your lawnmower have?

In-line fuel filter in the engine compartment of a lawn tractor | Briggs & Stratton on Youtube

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First, you need to find and identify your lawn mower’s filter. Many riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors have an inline filter, a plastic pod with a fuel line attached to both ends. This filter will be located somewhere between your fuel tank (often mounted on a lawn tractor’s firewall, near the driver) and its carburetor (on the left or right side of the engine).

Some smaller mowers, such as walk-behind lawn mowers, have a filter in the tank. This is a screen inside the gas tank that should only be changed by an experienced technician.

Once you locate your filter, take a picture of its size and take a picture of any writing on the filter body. If possible, not its micron rating. Finally, check the remaining clearance/space around the filter when you close the hood of your mower.

Buy the right replacement filter

Product photo of a replacement in-line fuel filter for a lawn tractor or lawn mower engine.

Inline Fuel Filter | Lynx

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This is ideal if you have a lawn mower owner’s manual and can research the correct fuel filter replacement. If that’s not an option, check to see if your lawnmower’s manufacturer sells their own range of replacement parts, including filters. These provide the peace of mind of being designed for your specific mower.

If you purchase a standard fuel filter, it may not be identical to the filter installed by the original manufacturer. The most important thing is that the new filter offers enough space to close the hood of your lawn mower. Second, try to match the micron rating of your original filter. This is a measure of the smallest particle the filter can remove, according to Briggs & Stratton. Finally, a slightly larger or smaller filter should work as long as you can fit it in your mower.

You will also need a pair of pliers to remove the hose clamps from the old filter. It’s always a good idea to have spare pliers on hand in case one of the old ones becomes unusable. Finally, you will find your job of changing the filter much easier if you purchase a fuel line hose clamp.

How to Change Your Lawn Mower’s Fuel Filter

Close up of a man's hands as he installs a new fuel filter in the gas line of a lawn tractor.

Changing a lawn mower’s fuel filter | Briggs & Stratton on Youtube

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Removing your old lawn mower fuel filter is as simple as closing off the fuel line, then using pliers to open the hose clamps on each end of your old fuel filter. Loosen the two clamps and slide them along the line, away from the filter, before closing them. Place something under the filter to catch the gasoline drips. Finally, twist and pull both ends of the fuel line out of the fuel filter nozzles.

Installing a new fuel filter can be slightly trickier. First, make sure you have screwed the fuel hose clamps you wish to use onto the fuel line before beginning installation. Then examine the new fuel filter, looking for an arrow indicating the direction in which the fuel should flow. When installing the new filter, make sure this arrow points towards the motor.

You will need to twist each fuel filter nozzle into the corresponding fuel line. Once the fuel line is snug against the plastic filter body, loosen your hose clamps (you remembered to leave them in place, right?) and slide them over the nozzles filter inlet and outlet. Release the fuel clamps and they will tighten around the new filter and your fuel lines.

Remember to remove the clamp from your fuel line before restarting your lawn mower. Otherwise, the car journey will be very short.

Then find out if it’s time to service your lawnmower or see for yourself how to change your lawnmower’s fuel filter in the video below:

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