Home fuel delivery reaches Nagpur with Mahindra in partnership with Repos and Navankur

The home fuel delivery model has reached Nagpur. Ratan Tata-backed start-up Repos Energy has pioneered this home fuel delivery which has had good traction during the covid era. Repos Energy uses Mahindra Furio trucks to deliver the fuel. To make life easier for end consumers in Nagpur, Navankur Infranergy has launched its Mobile Fuel Pump – Booster Diesel.

Nachiketa Pande, Director of Navankur Infranergy said, “Booster Diesel – Fuel Bowser will serve all over Nagpur to meet diesel demand from various end users and industries at their doorstep. This is a Dual Dispensing Alpha Mobile Fuel Pump built on a Mahindra FURIO 11 Truck. This fully built Mobile Fuel Bowser was supplied by Pune based Repos Energy. Home delivery of diesel will lead to an efficient power distribution infrastructure and deliver diesel to large consumers in the most legal and comprehensive way. »

“In partnership with Mahindra and Repos, we would further expand our presence in mobile fuel distribution in the region,” added Mahendra Nilawar, Director, Navankur Infranergy.

Repos Energy has partnered with Mahindra to meet the demand for home fuel delivery through their Furio trucks – range of light and mid-size commercial vehicles.

Chetan Walunj, co-founder of Repos Energy, said: “As the whole world strives to make things easily accessible by going mobile, diesel door-to-door delivery in India has made it easier for fuel to be delivered in the country. . Bringing diesel on wheels through mobile fuel pumps has been one of our major achievements, and with the superiorities and product suitability that Mahindra FURIO offers for the Fuel Bowser application, we want to reach every corner of India and revolutionize the distribution of all kinds of energy in the future.”

Jalaj Gupta, Business Manager – Commercial Vehicles, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, said: “Much of the diesel is destined for fueling industries, where it is often needed in bulk. These industries resort to buying diesel from fuel pumps using inappropriate containers like barrels and barrels resulting in great losses in the form of spillage, theft, dead mileage and labor costs. -work. By combining Repos Energy’s expertise in the Fuel Bowser business solution, we introduce a compelling product offering to meet emerging industry needs and contribute to nation building. Mahindra’s range of light and medium duty vehicles have inherent advantages that make them an ideal solution for operating Fuel Bowser and guarantee profitability. We commend Navankur Infranergy, for being fuel entrepreneurs and doing their part to bring efficiency to India’s power distribution industry.”

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