Fuel-saving tips: Drivers urged to avoid making a ‘damaging’ mistake on the forecourt

The latest data from the RAC shows average petrol prices at around 165.73p. The situation is much worse for diesel drivers who will have to pay 190.16 pence per liter on average. With that in mind, drivers have been warned of a “damaging” gas station hack.

The habit of filling up to a certain monetary value is decades old, dating back to when all transactions were conducted in cash.

This meant putting exactly £20 worth of fuel in the tank would just have you handing notes to the cashier instead of having to rummage through the glove box to locate loose coins.

But with the vast majority of people now paying with credit or debit cards, and many using the common ‘pay at the pump’ service, there is much less need to reach for a specific brand.

A thread on the Reddit forum hosting platform touched on the subject, with some revealing information.

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He added: “A lot of people have a slightly obsessive-compulsive side to their character, so it’s understandable that they want to hit a nice round number.

“But with the majority now avoiding cash for cards, and even phone payment apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, there is less need to be so specific.

“It also removes the frustration of trying carefully to reach a certain mark and the meter somehow turns a dime – an experience most will have had at some point.”

Most gas stations will now have the option for drivers to press a button at the pump that will automatically fill the tank up to a certain monetary limit.

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The company announced that it would cut oil production by two million barrels per day.

Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesman, said: “Such a deep cut in oil production will inevitably lead to higher oil prices, driving up the wholesale price of fuel.

“If we see pump prices go up in the next fortnight, we will know that retailers are sticking to their strategy of taking a lot more markup on every liter they sell than they have historically. – much to the dismay of motorists across the country.

“We will be watching closely what retailers do with pump prices over the next few weeks.”