Fuel, procurement subsidies to be rolled out immediately, other measures by September

The UAE’s Ministry of Community Development (MoCD) will begin receiving applications for Inflation Allowance from today (July 5), with the new social protection program to be rolled out in September 2022, it said. Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development.

During an interview with Abu Dhabi Radio on Tuesday, the minister reported strong demand for the 1 million dirham fund in the early hours of the announcement. In a tweet, the MoCD said its website was “under pressure due to the growing number of requests and inquiries”.

“The ministry’s technical team is currently working to quickly resolve the problem. The site will return to normal within the next few hours,” the ministry added.

The program includes three key pillars to support low-income Emirati families – new social allowances, increased allowances and the Inflation Allowance, which includes subsidies for food, water, electricity and fuel . While fuel and shopping rebates will begin immediately, the ministry said other measures will come into effect in September this year.

On Monday, state news agency WAM reported that President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan had spearheaded the restructuring of the welfare program for low-income citizens into an integrated program worth $28 billion. dirhams instead of 14 billion dirhams.

Following the announcement of Sheikh Mohamed’s guidelines, Minister Buhumaid said that the MoCD has already started to implement the President’s guidelines and will cover more families.

The program covers various social aspects for national families with limited income, including head of household allowances and allowances for spouses and children. The program also covers financial assistance for housing and other basic needs such as food, water, electricity and fuel, in addition to temporary financial assistance for unemployed job seekers and unemployed people over 45.

Minister Buhumaid said the program supports the UAE leadership’s vision to make the UAE one of the best countries for supporting community and quality of life.

— Families where the head of the family is over 25 years old, retirees

— An elderly citizen

— Citizen with health problems or being a specific person

— Families of prisoners, orphans and abandoned children

— Widows and divorced women whose children are specific persons

— Unemployed over 45

The fund will be granted to the above-mentioned category of citizens on the condition that the household income of the applicant family is below the specified social welfare value for the number of family members.

How will it be calculated?

The ministry said the value of social protection will be calculated based on the number of family members and their eligibility for benefits.

— The main eligible beneficiary will receive 5,000 Dh

— The woman will receive 3,500 Dh

— The first son 2,400 Dh

— The second and third 1,600 Dh each

— The fourth son D 800.

— The allowances granted to children who are university students will be increased to 3,200 Dhs, if they are enrolled in certain universities or if they have high academic results.

— Housing allowances will amount to 2,500 Dh, with an additional “expertise allowance” of 2,000 Dh to be granted to breadwinners and retirees.

— Principal beneficiaries aged over 45 and unemployed will receive a conditional social sum of 2,000 Dhs, which will increase by 1,000 Dhs once every five years, reaching 5,000 Dhs when they reach 60 years of age, while that his wife will receive an allowance of 1,000 Dh, which will gradually increase to 3,500 Dh at the age of 60.

— The main beneficiaries looking for a job are entitled to a temporary allowance of 5,000 MAD, wives and children can also benefit from allowances.

How to register?

Application Submission Process The Ministry of Community Development said social assistance applications and related inquiries can be submitted through the ministry’s website (www.mocd.gov.ae) and smart app. Entries must be made using the UAE Pass or Emirates ID check-in.

Electricity and water subsidies

The MoCD said subsidies for electricity and water would be provided, in coordination with the relevant authorities. A monthly subsidy of 50% for electricity consumption less than 4,000 kilowatts and a monthly water subsidy of 50% for water consumption less than 26,000 gallons will be provided.

Buhumaid said applications for electricity and water subsidies can be submitted through the ministry’s website from July 5. business licenses, returns from rental properties and income from investment properties.

Categories eligible for water and electricity subsidies also include retired families who have unmarried and unemployed children under the age of 21 and whose total household income is less than 25,000 Dh per month. The department must be informed of changes in family income and marital status.

Eligibility criteria and eligible categories for water and electricity subsidies are the same as those for fuel and food subsidies.

The ministry explained that the fuel subsidy, which amounts to 85% of the fuel price, will be granted to certain low-income families if the fuel price exceeds Dh 2.1 per liter. The head of the household receives a monthly subsidy of 300 litres, while the working woman receives a subsidy of an additional 200 litres. During this time, the breadwinner will be entitled to a subsidy of 300 liters, if the spouse (unemployed or retired husband/wife) does not receive social assistance.

In addition, pensioners, whether husband or wife, who do not receive social assistance, will receive a subsidy of 300 liters if they have children under 21, unemployed and single. Fuel subsidy applications are submitted and approved through the Adnoc Distribution smart app and will be linked to the Applicant ID number.

The ministry also said it would provide food subsidies at 75% of the food price inflation rate. The value of the subsidy is tied to changes in staple food inflation rates. Food allowances can be used at authorized outlets selling goods and food, which will be announced in the coming period.

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