Fuel prices were reduced in the last adjustment

VIETNAM, September 12 –

HÀ NỘI — Fuel prices were reduced by more than VNĐ 1,000 per liter at all levels on September 12.

RON 95-III decreased from 1,015 VNĐ to 23,215 VNĐ per liter. E5 RON92 followed suit with a drop of 1,128 VNĐ, to reach 22,231 VNĐ per liter. Diesel dropped from 1,008 VNĐ to 24,180 VNĐ per litre.

A drop of 1,027 VNĐ was observed in kerosene prices, which were adjusted downwards to 24,418 VNĐ per liter. Mazut, likewise, fell to 15,039 VNĐ per kilo after an adjustment of 1,038 VNĐ.

The authorities have earmarked 451 VNĐ for each liter of E5 92 RON, 450 VNĐ for 95 RON, 90 VNĐ for diesel, 741 VNĐ for Mazut and none for kerosene to finance the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund.

Authorities also announced that the funds were not used to stabilize fuel prices this time around. Petrolimex said its fund so far stands at VNĐ 840 billion.

Under Decree 95, fuel prices are adjusted periodically three times a month, on the first, eleventh and twenty-first days. —VNS