Fuel prices in Dublin: This petrol station offers the cheapest petrol and diesel in the capital

The cost of fuel across the country continues to soar with prices in the capital reaching nearly €2 a litre.

According to prices published on pumps.ie yesterday, the cheapest place to buy petrol in the capital is Circle K, Taney Rd, Goatstown, which costs 186.9c.

However, other petrol stations in Dublin had prices close to the €2 range yesterday:

  • Applegreen N11 southbound, Mount Merrion 198.8c Mar 7
  • Circle K N11 Northbound, Mount Merrion 198.8c Mar 7
  • Circle K Merrion Road, Merrion 198.9c Mar 7

The cheapest station to get diesel in Dublin yesterday was the same as petrol with Circle K, Taney Rd, Goatstown offering diesel for 182.9c.

But diesel hit nearly 197c in other parts of the capital yesterday:

  • Topaz Kennelsfort Road, Palmerstown, 196.8c.
  • Texaco Lucan Road, Ballydowd 196.9c.

Fuels For Ireland CEO Kevin McPartlan yesterday urged the public not to panic and to ‘keep calm’.

He warned on Newstalk that he “is not suggesting that we already have a problem but ultimately we might have a problem”.

The AA has some tips for consumers on how to save fuel, save money and reduce pollution.

Tire pressure

Under-inflated tires will cause your car to consume more fuel. Check your tire pressure regularly.

Weight gain

Extra weight in the car means more fuel. Empty your car of all heavy objects that you do not need.

Remove the roof bars

Roof bars increase your fuel consumption. Take it out when you don’t need it.


Scrape the ice in the winter rather than letting the car run to warm up

Smooth ride

Drive smoothly and accelerate smoothly to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

keep on rolling

Slow down early for traffic lights. Stopping and starting your car uses more fuel than driving.

Think carefully about your air conditioning

When idling, air conditioning increases fuel consumption. If you’re driving around town, try to open your windows and save on air conditioning. However, running the AC once a week keeps the system in good shape, so don’t turn it off completely.

Reduce electricity

Turn off your demister fan, rear window heater and headlights when you don’t need them.

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