EXPERT BENEFITS: Advice on Energy Support package payments

“This is the payment of £400. For customers paying by direct debit or quarterly invoice, a credit of £66.67 will be credited for each month the system is running.”

This is the payment of £400, for customers paying by direct debit or quarterly bills will see a credit of £66.67 for each month the program operates. Customers on prepayment meters will receive voucher codes for the same amount if they have non-smart prepayment meters, these can only be redeemed for a specific fuel i.e. electricity or gas, so they can specify it when they exchange them at their usual time. booster socket. Customers with smart prepayment meters will have the credit automatically sent to their meters. Customers should contact their supplier if they have a preference as to which fuel they wish to obtain, it may be possible for the supply to split payments for each type of fuel.

We’ve heard that for some direct debit customers, the credit is actually sent as a refund to their bank accounts and not applied to their accounts. So check with your provider for their policy.

Another issue with the energy assistance program is customers who can pay their landlord for their energy as part of the terms of their rental agreement.

This may also include customers who may have a common supply, typically people living in high rise buildings, people who live in static caravans may also pay for fuel as part of their rental agreement.

The government has confirmed that for these customers they should also receive the same £400 support package and not their owner, but we don’t know the mechanism for supporting these customers.

In addition, some municipal supplies may be subject to a commercial fuel rate and not a domestic rate. Again, the government has confirmed that these customers should be supported, but again there are no details on mechanisms etc. as to how that money will get to the customer and not the owner. At this stage we would advise such customers to speak to their landlord first who can then contact the supplier for advice (subject to what exists).