Expanding Uses of Edible Flowers Help Fuel Strong Demand

Demand for edible flowers has come back strong as the world continues to emerge from the pandemic.

“Demand is significantly higher than last year at this time,” says Norma St. Amant, general manager of Fresh Origins based in San Marcos, Calif. “Last year we were still recovering from 2020. In 2021 the recovery started in the summer months and accelerated towards the end of the year. This year, the demand for edible flowers continues to rise as its use grows in popularity. »

Norma St. Amant says demand for edible flowers, including the Micro Flowers™ Micro Sun Daisy Mix™ seen here, continues to increase this year as its use grows in popularity.

This is especially true given recent and current edible flower-friendly holidays and events, including Mother’s Day, graduations, and weddings. (Edible flowers are largely a foodservice product.)

Launch of new mixes
This year, Fresh Origins, whose growing region is in San Diego County, California, also took the opportunity to introduce new edible flower blends, something it hadn’t done as much in the past. past two years due to the pandemic. “We’ve also increased our production space — we have the capacity to produce more and refine our offerings. We are able to dedicate space to upcoming items and introduce new varieties and mixes of edible flowers,” says St. Amant, noting that major edible flowers include pansies and violas as well as the first offering. of edible flowers from Fresh Origins FireStix™.

Right: The Micro Flowers™Micro Sunset Trumpet Mix™, used here in a drink.

Edible flowers are also seeing more uses than just being placed on top of a cake for example. St. Amant notes that they are increasingly used in mixology and in savory dishes as well as desserts, as they offer a wide variety of colors, flavors and variations.

As for prices, St. Amant says prices have gone up from last year. “We had to, like everyone else, implement price increases to compensate for the extra expenses and rising costs,” she adds.

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