EU shipping decarbonisation policy risks undermining itself: Danish shipping

two keys EU measures to reduce shipping emissions could hurt each other, says industry body Danish expedition.

The organization released a report on Thursday looking at what it sees as flaws in the EU FuelEU Maritime and Emission trading system initiatives.

Since FuelEU Maritime takes into account all GHG emissions along the fuel value chain, while the ETS only deals with CO2 emissions during combustion, the two regulations “could interact badly” l with each other, the organization said.

“Both tools will reduce greenhouse gases, but to work optimally and contribute to the most effective reduction, both bills need to be adjusted to best fit together,” he added. Maria Skipper Schwenndirector of climate, environment and safety at Danish Shipping, said in the statement.

The organization suggests amending the ETS to match FuelEU Maritime in coverage of GHG emissions across the fuels value chain.