DoD Vehicle Barrier List: Helps Reduce Vehicle Risk According to

People often think of guns, knives, and other weapons when they think of physical threats. Some even branch out to include bombs, aerial warfare, and other potential dangers. It is undeniable that many perils exist and the list seems to be growing day by day.

Many people view automobiles as possible threats. Unfortunately, they are even more dangerous than some of the most dreaded weapons on the market. This means anti-water hammer solutions can be crucial. Interested persons can click here now for more details, but some basic points are covered below.

Look at the dangers of automobiles

Automobiles are more dangerous than many people realize. According to recent reports, accident-related fatalities jumped more than 10.5% last year alone. On top of that, millions of people are seriously injured in accidents.

This is only part of the picture according to Rogues can use vehicles to force their way into areas they shouldn’t be. From there, they can cause serious damage to people and property.

Vehicles that can cause massive damage and pave the way for even more peril are not limited to heavy models like tanks and armored trucks. Imagine if a tank truck was hijacked and crashed in a crowded area. Even fairly small passenger vehicles can be used to wreak havoc without the right safety measures in place.

Keep dangers at bay

Several measures are available to help keep vehicle-based threats at bay, as discussed in the recent article, “Emerging Barrier Systems Market Trends and Global Demand | Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, Trinity Industries, Inc., Bekaert SA.” Each has a unique design and its own advantages. They also have different uses.

Companies like Protogetics offer a range of anti-ram solutions to stop vehicular attacks. Standard concrete barriers such as those often seen at public events and roadworks are among the most basic options. Solid walls are also offered for these purposes.

At the same time, a range of anti-ram fences is on the market. Many are included on the DoD list of water hammer barriers as approved safety measures. Doors are also available for those who do not want to leave gaps in their anti-ram security.

Some decorative water hammer measures are also available for businesses and other organizations. Specially designed and reinforced planters fall into this category. They provide additional security without detracting from a building’s curb appeal. Aquatic elements can also serve as protective barriers. Some could be considered modern versions of moats.

Additionally, some natural objects can be used to ward off threats. Trees are among the most effective. They can provide privacy and beauty while blocking vehicle intrusions. Even rocks can be strategically placed around sensitive areas to create additional security.

Ensure vehicles stay in place

There are many areas that could warrant increased security and protection against ram raids. These include public event spaces, ports, airports and government buildings, to name a few. Even small private businesses can benefit from increased security. Anti-ram barriers provide these safeguards to prevent people from using vehicles for malicious purposes.

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