Corn use for fuel ethanol production at 527 million bushels in January

The USDA recently released its Grain Milling and Co-Products Production report for March, indicating that the use of corn for fuel ethanol in January was down slightly from the previous month, but significant increase compared to January 2021.

Total corn consumed for alcohol and other uses was 527 million bushels in January, down 1% from December, but up 13% from January of the previous year. January usage included 92.2% for alcohol and 7.8% for other purposes.

Corn consumed for alcohol fuel production was 474 million bushels, down 1% from December 2021, but up 14% from January 2021. Corn consumed for milling fuel production dry and wet grind fuel production was 92.5% and 7.5%, respectively.

The USDA withheld the volume of sorghum consumed for fuel alcohol production in January to avoid disclosing data for individual operations.

In the dry mills, the production of condensed soluble distillers increased to 100,263 tons in January, compared to 94,168 tons in December and 79,610 tons in January of the previous year. Corn oil production was 175,110 tonnes, down from 194,497 tonnes the previous month, but up from 148,527 tonnes in January 2021. Distillery coarse grain production was 356,957 tonnes, down from 383,196 tonnes in December, but up from the 342,557 tonnes produced. in January of last year. Production of dried distillers grains with solubles was 1.93 million metric tons, up from 2.07 million metric tons the previous month, but up from 1.75 tons in January of the previous year . Wet grain production from distillers increased to 1.43 million metric tons, up slightly from 1.42 million metric tons in December and 1.04 million metric tons in January 2021. Grain production wet from modified stills was 535,036 tonnes, down from 546,625 tonnes the previous month, but up from 415,857 tonnes produced in January of the previous year.

In the wet mills, maize germ meal production was 53,504 tons, compared to 63,314 tons in December, but slightly up from 53,242 tons in January 2021. January of the previous year. Corn gluten meal production fell to 102,711 tons from 107,003 tons in the previous month and 116,178 tons in the same month a year earlier. Wet corn gluten production fell to 197,175 tonnes from 214,346 tonnes in December and 214,623 tonnes in January 2021.

Carbon dioxide captured in the wet and dry grinders was 229,006 tonnes, up from 251,666 tonnes in December, but up from 193,397 tonnes in January 2021.