Even though Falls City Sacred Heart has blighted Parkview Christian for the past two seasons, the Patriots have looked to the Irish for inspiration. Go back to mid-January and the path to Parkview looked like it did in the final season of Sacred Heart. During the MUDECAS Tournament in Béatrice,Read More →

Amnesty International has said the Russian airstrike that reportedly killed 47 civilians in the Ukrainian town of Chernihiv may constitute a war crime. They said in a statement: “Based on further interviews and verification and analysis of video evidence, Amnesty International’s Crisis Response Team has concluded that the attack wasRead More →

Puerto Rico’s Debt Plan Prioritizes Bondholders Over Building a Reliable Energy Future – Watch Needed The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s (PREPA) debt restructuring plan is heading for final adoption. the proposalwhich has been running for a few years, presents PREPA bondholders with a 75% recovery rate – maybe more,Read More →

The process Keys said his team took a decade of news stories and opinion pieces written in English – more than 2,000 in total – and performed computer text analysis that identified 10 keyword patterns. These 10 themes have been transformed into stories. “I didn’t necessarily want to exclude opinion,Read More →

Delegate meetings convened by the Australian Education Union (AEU) continue this month in regional and metropolitan Victoria. Through these anti-democratic events, the union bureaucracy is trying to push through a sell-out industrial deal it brokered with the state Labor government. The fight for the “no” vote is led by theRead More →

The average person produces about a pound of poo a day. Where is all this going? The answer depends on where you live. If you have flush toilets, your metabolic output spirals down underground pipes to huge sewage treatment plants that clean the water and dispose of the rest asRead More →

Ukraine ‘on the brink of humanitarian disaster’, says UK ambassador Ukraine is on the brink of a “humanitarian catastrophe”, British ambassador to the UN, Dame Barbara Woodward, warned at an emergency meeting of the Security Council. As Russia continues its assault on the Eastern European country, Dame Barbara was amongRead More →

Researchers from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT and the University of Calgary have developed a new kind of shapeshifting robotic cube using 3D printing technology. ElectroVoxels, as they are called, are self-configuring robot blocks that can assemble themselves into all sorts of shapes. These modularRead More →

This article is published with ProPublicathe nonprofit investigative newsroom. BEIJING — In the Potemkin Village of Chinese propaganda, the Winter Olympics unfolded as an unmitigated success, a celebration of sporting and political harmony that obscured — critics say whitewashed — flaws and violations of rights of the country. In BeijingRead More →

(NewsNation Now) – President Joe Biden said this week that a Russian invasion of Ukraine “remains entirely possible.” This is not the first time that the country has encroached on its neighbors’ borders during the Olympics. Three times in the past 20 years, Russia has invaded a neighboring country duringRead More →

As permanent flight decarbonization solutions continue to mature, different hybrid models are emerging to fill the void. The latest comes through a partnership between Magnix, the Washington state manufacturer of electric propulsion for aviation, and Desaer, a Brazilian aviation company. The two companies are teaming up to build a hybridRead More →

After being inspired by his father’s commitment to fitness, Richardson works hard to replicate and encourage others to do the same. INSTAGRAM/@langston_rich1 This story is part of an ongoing series that features USF’s black leaders during Black Heritage Month. In a fight at a high school football game, junior mechanicalRead More →

The Universal College of Learning (UCOL) has announced that it will offer the New Zealand Diploma in Cybersecurity from mid-February. With approximately ten billion internet-connected devices worldwide and the growing number of high-profile data breaches, the country increasingly needs to invest in data protection and storage. UCOL, a New ZealandRead More →

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) are using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to study the process involved in converting biomass into gaseous fuel. Computer simulations and modeling studies can provide faster insights for developing biomass conversion processes, since gaining such understanding through hands-on experiments would take time,Read More →