Attention turns to flood risk with several rounds of showers this week

Monday will start the day mostly dry, but an approaching cold front will bring showers and scattered thunderstorms into the afternoon. A heavy storm or two cannot be ruled out, but the real threat (and thereafter over the next few days) will be the threat of heavy rain. High temperatures on Monday will be below 80 degrees in many places due to no afternoon sun.

Heavy scattered rain on Monday will cause problems with standing water on roads, washed out culverts and ditches. We will also begin to monitor the risk of flash flooding with the heaviest rains in localized areas.

Tuesday will see more thunderstorm activity, especially in the afternoon. This cold front mentioned above will stagnate over the region and storms will form near it with the heat and humidity. Clouds will keep temperatures high in the 70s, but the atmosphere is “juicy” and storms will be capable of heavy rain. If you live in low-lying areas, keep an eye out for storms in your area, as the potential for heavy local rainfall will be a threat every afternoon throughout the week.

Tuesday’s flood risk is about the same with localized flash flooding issues, smaller creeks and streams, and now prolonged standing water on the roads making some impassible. Remember Don’t drown, turn around!

Wednesday will be thundery again in the afternoon with our locked front moving slightly northward bringing in an even wetter air mass, triggering scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. High temperatures will again be in the 70s and local heavy rains will again be a threat.

After days of heavy rains, our soil is saturated, causing more of us to experience flash floods, standing water on the roads, and inundated streams and steams. With more rain today, the risk of flooding is increasing in parts of the region.

Thursday will bring more storm chances, as our blocked frontal boundary drifts south towards the region. More scattered thunderstorms – some of which may be accompanied by heavy rain – will occur in the afternoon with highs likely closer to 80 with perhaps a few additional peaks of sunshine.

Friday keeps storms in the region with an area of ​​low pressure along the blocked border, which will likely make the chance of showers (and fewer storms due to lack of “fuel” in the atmosphere) more likely anytime soon. throughout the day instead of just the afternoon. Highs will be cooler in the mid 70s due to the more likely chance that we will see more cloud than previous days.

Saturday could give us hope for some sunny peaks, especially in our northern counties, as the blocked border seems to be drifting south in the Carolinas. Cities in our southern counties, particularly in Virginia, will still retain storm risk, but with the region’s overall storm risk slightly lower, the mercury will rise closer to 80 degrees.

Sunday unfortunately reintroduces the locked front to the region as it will likely push north into the region from the Carolinas and give us more of a chance for storms.

In our long term forecast, the chance of rain appears to be gradually easing over the next week, but with a fairly humid air mass in place, we still cannot rule out a few scattered thunderstorms. They will be much more dispersed, which should allow the temperatures of the maximums to return to near normal.

It is possible that some localized areas of our region will receive several centimeters of rain this week. If you live in a low-lying, flood-prone area, monitor skies, streams, and forecasts here or on our app!

With the summer weather we have to watch for summer storms, so make sure your thoughts are on preparation! Refresh your emergency kit and grab that NOAA weather radio that’s always on your shopping list. Add it to your baby list, wedding list – and don’t forget an external antenna, as many of us need one to get the best reception.

PM thunderstorms likely, heavy localized rain. Highs near 80.
PM thunderstorms likely, heavy localized rain. Highs in the mid 70’s.
PM thunderstorms likely, heavy localized rain. Highs in the upper 70s.
PM thunderstorms likely, heavy localized rain. Highs in the upper 70s.
Scattered showers likely, heavy localized rain. Highs in the mid 70’s.
A few scattered thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 70s.
Scattered thunderstorms likely. Highs in the mid 70’s.
Scattered thunderstorms likely. Peaks in the 70s.
Isolated thunderstorm, most dry. Peaks in the 80s.
Scattered thunderstorms. Peaks in the 70s.