A farm in Italy uses cow poo to create an alternative source of fuel

As we continue to go through the various crises as a country and beyond, fuel seems to be the one thing that has caused a lot of problems across a number of industries.

Not to mention the ongoing lights out program that we had to revert to due to Eskom.

Therefore, finding alternative energy sources is a key objective for many companies.

For one of these family businesses, it’s about finding alternative energy sources from their cow farm.

A farm located in Plaisance, in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, which is home to 600 cows and produces large quantities of milk, has found a way to diversify its activity.

Owner Nicoletta Cella said she found a way to generate renewable energy.

“We can generate energy from animal dung and livestock waste, as well as agricultural by-products.” (MSN)

“Behind the farm, a specific structure extracts bio-methane from animal waste and transports it directly to the front, where customers wait at the pump for cheap gas.

The transport of this renewable natural gas or RNG is a direct transport, this gas is transported from the producer to the consumer, through a few meters of pipe.” (MSN)

Not only does this help with an alternative source of fuel for consumers, but it also helps manage methane gas emissions, which are a major contributor to climate change.

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