7 benefits of replacing your meals with shakes

No, not those delicious milkshakes you’ve been craving, but proper meal replacements that help you get all the vitamins you need while staying within a healthy weight range. A meal replacement shake is a liquid that contains the same number of calories as your average meal. Whether you mix it with milk or water is up to you, but these diet options are becoming popular in the food industry.

To get the most out of a meal replacement shake, you need to make sure you’re getting enough fat, carbs, and protein for your body to function optimally. For anyone who is still skeptical about this convenient solution for a tasty meal, they should know these seven benefits first.

They remove unhealthy options

Unless you’re liquefying a double cheeseburger, meal replacement shakes may be healthier than your standard homemade meal. Think about when you cook something on the stove. Do you use oil or food enhancers as MSG? How many added processed foods do you use to go further? Most frozen vegetables are pre-cooked with sunflower oil, and canned ones contain a ton of sugar or unhealthy preservatives. If that’s not enough to replace a few meals with replacement shakes, read on.

A meal in a shake can avoid unhealthy eating by cutting out these options altogether, as you won’t need any oil or sugar to make it, and you definitely won’t get bugs. Any junk food will completely derail any diet you try, and with the replacement shakes, you’re only using organic, fresh foods that should be consumed in liquid form. Even if you mix up a mix of fruits, you still get a better variety of quality foods than any fast food menu item.

Better control of your consumption

Portion control or simply knowing how many calories you are consuming per day is confusing. Sure, there are calculators and apps out there if you really want to monitor your usage, but that takes time. You will probably also need to purchase a scale to accurately measure portions, as you will find that you eat a lot more of certain things like pasta and less of others like vegetables.

With a meal replacement shake, calories are kept to a minimum. Ranging from 125 to 250 milligrams per serving, you don’t have to worry about monitoring your every bite or analyzing food labels. There are a surprising number of calories in a slice of white bread, compared to a sweet potato. You find that you often eat several slices of bread when you can only handle one medium-sized vegetable. This in itself makes a major difference in controlling your food intake.

Noticeable weight loss results

Replacement shakes have been created to help with overeating and for people with very little time to prepare a healthy meal. They are popular because you will lose weight. How much depends on you. If you eat handfuls of nuts in between, you won’t lose as much weight. Weight loss shakes have the ideal nutrient density, so you know you’re getting enough vitamins to stay healthy, but you have to be consistent with it. Treat shakes as true meal replacements and avoid increasing portion sizes.

In a modern diet, the emphasis is on processed meals that are quick and easy to prepare. The problem is that they don’t always contain the right stuff. You will find lots of sugar, food colorings and other unhealthy products if you read the labels correctly. Some manufacturers give their ingredients weird and wonderful names, so you’re not sure what’s inside. There are ways to spot these alternative names on food labels.

Save time with convenience

Making a healthy meal often means a lot of cooking and prep time. Whether you’re peeling and chopping veggies from scratch or using frozen packets, preparing a meal isn’t always fun. It’s so tempting to order a quick burger from the take-out restaurant down the street. Your food will be ready faster than if you cooked it yourself.

The problem again is that you don’t know what you are eating. With diet shakes that replace your meals, all you have to do is mix it up with your liquid of choice, shake it up and go. Washing your bottle is just as easy and all you need is hot water and soap. Take that Shake this weight shake which come in all flavors and sizes. Instead of worrying about going to the grocery store, cooking your food, then cleaning up afterwards, opt for the fast home delivery offered by Shake That Weight. You’ll get low-calorie shakes that taste great and are healthy for you without leaving your home.

Added fiber for gut health

Meal replacement shakes contain just the right amount of vitamins A, B, C, D, magnesium, folic acid, iron, and more. You also get a lot more fiber in your meals because the raw products are used to create a powder. Some shakes have fruit flavors like berries or melon, or vegetables like kale or cucumber. All of these foods add healthy fiber that your gut needs to function properly.

If you’ve ever been stuck on the toilet struggling to make a move, you know how painful and annoying it can be. This is an indication that you need more fiber to loosen your stools. Raw fruits and vegetables contain the most fiber from any food group. By turning these ingredients into a shake, you can consume a lot more fiber than if you ate oats, for example.

Improved mental health

Unhealthy eating comes with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. This is due to the modern diets we are used to, as we consume too many processed items. There is also a major problem in the world with obesity due to excessive consumption of junk food.

Besides improving mental health simply by eating better, it is theorized that obese people can change their perception of food with meal replacements. Seeing for themselves that they can have a satisfying meal without eating a lot of food changes their view of food. They understand that food is about fueling your body to live, not living to fuel your body.

Cheaper and economical

As gas prices and taxes rise, so does the cost of food. Every year, food in the UK is growing by at least 10% per year. Eating organic or as fresh as possible is also not really profitable. Sometimes produce rots faster than you can eat it. And, when something is out of season, you can’t get it and either have to pay a lot more or go without.

With meal replacement shakes, you don’t have to worry about deciding what to eat for dinner or whether you’ll have enough money for a work lunch. Healthy eating isn’t always cheaper, but with replacement shakes you can budget exactly what you need and can afford for the month.

Meal replacement shakes aren’t just good for weight loss. They help you maintain a healthy diet, get the right mix of vitamins and minerals, and save you from spending too much time and money on groceries.