10 Times The Spider-Man Movies Were Pure Nightmare Fuel

Spider Man movies have many great scenes that can make viewers cheer or have their guts laughing. However, Spider Man the movies also have a lot of horror which can give people nightmares. Of Spider Man at Spider-Man: No Coming Homethe Spider-Man film franchise contains a variety of scenes that utilize horror and terror.

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Many villains and sequences scare or create terror, using the audience’s instinctive fears to shock them. Many of the franchise’s horror elements have become as iconic as the heroic parts, with fans always noticing how Spider Man movies can be.

ten The Green Goblin was a murderous monster (Spider-Man)

Many people denounce the Green Goblin costume in Spider Man. However, Sam Raimi’s story of silliness and horror helped make the Green Goblin a terrifying villain. Green Goblin’s costume may look silly, but by Spider Man direction and cinematography emphasized the Green Goblin’s frightening traits, such as his “horrible yellow eyes.”

Viewers also got to see more of the Green Goblin’s human face in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, seeing the full extent of the villain’s cruelty and twisted smile. The Green Goblin took great pleasure in killing people, terrifying many viewers who couldn’t imagine what his murderous limits really were.

9 The hospital scene is gruesome and iconic (Spider-Man 2)

In the comics, Doctor Octopus had total control of his mechanical arms. In the Raimi trilogy, however, the weapons were given their own killer personalities, highlighted in Spider Man 2 iconic hospital scene.

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In Spiderman 2, Otto Octavius’ tentacles came to life and began to brutally murder nurses and doctors. The scene unfolds like a real horror movie, complete with Sam Raimi’s horror directing expertise. With shots reminiscent of horror movies likeevil Deadmany fans consider the hospital massacre to be the most chilling scene in a Spider Man film.

8 The Lizard Almost Got Spider-Man Underwater (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Although The Amazing Spider-Man The franchise doesn’t have the same horror feel as the Raimi Trilogy, Marc Webb and the creative team have done a great job of making the Lizard a formidable adversary. Several scenes show Doctor Connors’ deteriorating mind and increasingly menacing nature.

Even when Doctor Connors wasn’t currently the Lizard, his animalistic instincts took control. Doctor Connors became disturbing and even his friend, Peter Parker, became afraid of him. The film also highlighted the lizard’s massive strength and size, showing how capable it was of potentially killing or eating anyone.

seven The Venom Symbiote slithered up to Peter while he was sleeping (Spider-Man 3)

Being asleep is one of the most vulnerable states a person can find themselves in. Spiderman 3Peter Parker fell asleep when the monstrous Venom symbiote began crawling on him.

Thanks to Spider Man 3 creative team, the film highlighted the disturbing nature of the symbiote. Sam Raimi and the animators used shadows and shapeshifting to make the symbiote appear like a nocturnal monster ready to consume its prey. The symbiote could give children goosebumps and make them think if there is a monster lurking in their room.

6 Flint Marko screamed as his body turned to sand (Spider-Man 3)

Although people praise the sad scene of the Sandman first trying to take on human form, there is a scarier scene that gets overlooked. The scene of Flint Marko turning into the Sandman is a great example of body horror.

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After Flint fell into the super collider, scientists conducted an experiment that fused Flint’s DNA with the grains of sand surrounding him. Audiences saw the very inside of his body turn to sand, as Flint’s body was sucked into the air. But the real horror is when Flint starts screaming; her painful cries pass through viewers’ ears, but no one in the real world can hear her.

5 Vulture realized Peter was Spider-Man when they went to his school (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

The most memorable scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming it’s when Peter Parker is inside a car with Adrian Toomes, his nemesis, the Vulture. The scene relies on subtext and psychological tension to create public concern.

Peter tried to keep his cool and avoid letting Adrian think he was Spider-Man. Unfortunately, Adrian’s daughter, Liz Allan, was also present and unwittingly implied that Peter was Spider-Man. The scene strikes terror in Peter and the audience, and when Vulture finally discovers Peter’s secret, frightening possibilities play out in viewers’ minds. The vulture said it plainly: “I will kill you and everyone you love.

4 Gwen Stacy’s death haunts Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 loosely adapted “The Night Gwen Stacy Died”, killing Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man failed to save her, causing her head to abruptly slam onto the ground at rapid speed.

Gwen’s death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 used people’s natural fear of heights to understand the danger Gwen was in. Gwen’s death left a haunting atmosphere in both Peter Parker and the public, continuing Spider-Man: No Coming Home. There was an eerie sense of realism and tragedy to Gwen’s death, which probably touched the home of many people who lost loved ones in tragic accidents.

3 Mysterio made Peter look at Tony Stark’s corpse (Spider-Man: Far From Home)

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker had to deal with self-doubt and guilt over Tony Stark’s death. Mysterio used Peter’s fears against him, forcing Peter to face his deepest insecurities.

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Mysterio used his illusion technology to construct disorienting images and force Spider-Man to come to terms with Iron Man’s demise. Mysterio kept pointing out Peter’s “inability” to be a true hero, blaming Peter for Tony Stark’s death. The scariest moment is when Mysterio forces Peter to see Tony’s zombified corpse, which really gives a sense of doom as it reminds everyone that Spider-Man is alone.

2 Venom was Spider-Man’s toughest adversary (Spider-Man 3)

Although Venom’s look in Spiderman 3 disappointed many fans, the character was still scary. His appearance was a twisted, monstrous version of Spider-Man that could scare anyone. Spider Man 3 versions of Eddie Brock and the symbiote created another spooky take on Venom worthy of the silver screen.

venom in Spiderman 3 was the Web-Head’s most dangerous adversary; he had all of Spider-Man’s powers, knew his secret identity, and was immune to his spider-sense. Adding to Eddie Brock’s threat level, he couldn’t connect properly with others and refused to take responsibility for his mistakes. With his newfound power as Venom, it was dreadful to imagine how far he would go with his vengeful personality against people.

1 Harry’s transformation was pure body horror (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Another great example of body horror in Spider Man movies is the transformation of Harry Osborn into Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Once Peter Parker’s friend, the film showed Harry’s descent into despair and wickedness before eventually turning him into a monster.

Through The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Harry gradually became unhinged as his illness brought him closer to death. Harry eventually took a dangerous serum, which gave him a painful transformation into the Green Goblin. The cinematography of the scene accentuates Harry’s pain and twist; the shots aren’t sharp and Harry’s body contorts abnormally. All the while, Harry screamed and struggled to stay alive. It’s a horrifying scene that illustrates the end of Harry Osborn and the birth of the Green Goblin.

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