10 Times Naruto Was Pure Nightmare Fuel

naruto is a light and colorful shonen anime with many comical and heartwarming moments. However, the anime also has many moments that are pure nightmare fuel, scaring many anime viewers with haunting imagery and traumatic events.

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naruto doesn’t shy away from dark implications and terrifying tension, creating plenty of sequences where the characters deal with trauma, abuse, and death. The gruesome moments in the series can give many people nightmares, as the anime is superb at depicting helplessness and pain. Naruto’s The nightmarish moments struck a chord within the fandom and remain iconic today.

10/10 Itachi Trapped Sasuke Trapped In A Genjutsu

Itachi Uchiha took the idea of ​​Nightmare Fuel to the next level, trapping his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha in a Tsukuyomi. After killing their parents and the entire clan, Itachi made Sasuke relive that day in a vision of Tsukuyomi.

Traumatic experiences often become brutal nightmares for many people. For Sasuke, his older brother killing their entire clan was the most traumatic day of his life. A day like this would be enough to give anyone countless nightmares, especially a young child like Sasuke. However, Itachi’s cruelty literally fueled the nightmare, as he trapped Sasuke in a Tsukuyomi, forcing Sasuke to relive the worst time of his life multiple times. Getting stuck in Itachi’s Tsukuyomi was basically a never-ending nightmare.

9/10 Neji almost killed his cousin

Something fans love naruto, especially in Part 1, shows just how brutal and personal combat can be. Well-orchestrated battles were inevitably accompanied by terrifying tension and terrifying beatings.

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In Part 1, fans witnessed Neji and Hinata Hyuga duel during the Chunin Exams. The two characters ignited great hand-to-hand combat, but Neji ultimately won, and his attacks were nothing short of terrifying. He used taijutsu to hit Hinata’s internal organs, causing her to squirt blood. Neji nearly murdered his own cousin in a fit of anger and looked pleased when his internal bleeding wouldn’t stop. Neji illustrated how someone’s anger could cause them to take another life.

8/10 Naruto could have become a prisoner in his own body

The inability to control your own body is a horrifying aspect, especially if someone else takes control. In Naruto Uzumaki’s case, it was a frightening possibility he had to face as the Nine-Tailed Fox’s jinchuriki.

It was chilling to see Kyubi possessing Naruto’s body, warping the young ninja’s mind and turning him into a monstrous version of himself. It got even scarier when Naruto had to fight Kyūbi for control, and if Naruto lost, he would forever be enslaved in his own body.

7/10 Haku’s father betrayed him

People often use the term “blood is thicker than waterto describe how powerful a family bond is and why everyone should cherish their family members. So the mere thought of betrayal or murder within one’s family is unbearable for many people. Unfortunately, that’s what that Haku had to live with when his father tried to kill him.

Within a day, Haku witnessed his own father and his clan murder Haku’s mother, leading to Haku wiping out his father and his entire clan in self-defense. It was one of the most haunting moments in the beginning naruto and made many fans sympathize with Haku.

6/10 Obito had his right side crushed and died in a cave

As featured in Part 1, Obito Uchiha’s death is one of the saddest deaths in naruto. He had his entire right side crushed by an avalanche of stones, unable to feel that side of his body. Then his comrades, Kakashi and Rin, tragically had to leave him to die in a dark cave, with no one by his side in his final moments.

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Obito’s death is extremely disturbing for people who fear the dark, tight spaces, and/or dying alone. Obito went through all three, and chances were he didn’t go without pain. It’s a death that would make anyone shiver with cold sweats and mourn the poor boy.

5/10 Kakashi accidentally killed his friend

Kakashi Hatake accidentally killing his comrade, Rin, is one of the most traumatic experiences of his life, so much so that his Sharingan evolved due to the excessive trauma. Kakashi killing Rin is akin to a soldier killing a comrade in battle.

Any soldier would be traumatized if he killed his friend, even if he had been trained to prepare for the outcome. Just thinking about it is enough to scare people, and in Kakashi’s case, Rin’s death haunted him for years. Kakashi killing Rin is one of Naruto’s most memorable shots, effectively illustrating the sheer shock and sadness Kakashi and Rin are feeling at the moment.

4/10 Orochimaru was really creepy and unsettling

Of all Naruto’s villains, Orochimaru topped the most in terms of creepiness. Fans frequently recall how Orochimaru’s unnatural appearance and behavior bothered them when they were kids.

With Orochimaru’s unholy manipulation and monstrous transformations, he struck an uncomfortable chord with fans. He quickly became one of Naruto’s the most iconic and spooky villains, with a violin theme to symbolize his spooky nature. Many naruto fans dreaded his appearances, knowing full well they’d be terrified of the creepiness he throws at the other characters.

3/10 Lady Tsunade had a huge fear of blood

Lady Tsunade suffered from hemophobia, which is an intense, irrational fear of blood that negatively impacts an individual’s ability to function. Even though Lady Tsunade had medical expertise, her experiences with death, loss, and war led to a strong case of hemophobia.

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naruto really played into the idea of ​​hemophobia, which interfered with Tsunade’s fight with Orochimaru. The battle used blood for uncomfortable images, splattering Lady Tsunade with blood, who froze in fear, leaving her open to Orochimaru. It was a scary moment that would scare anyone with hemophobia.

2/10 Gaara was a bloodthirsty villain

Gaara of the Sand quickly became one Naruto’s the most distinctive and iconic villains due to his bloodlust and violent nature. He made it clear that he would not hesitate to kill anyone and that he would show no mercy to his victims.

Despite his young age, Gaara terrified the other characters, inflicting pain and death on several people. Moreover, when Gaara killed, it was either with nonchalant indifference or cruel glee. Gaara may have reformed, but fans will never forget the character’s initial and gruesome appearances.

1/10 The army continued to use Karin’s chakra to heal their soldiers

A Naruto Shippuden the filler episode expands on Karin’s backstory, showing her childhood during a war. After Karin was orphaned, an army man forced Karin to use her chakra to heal wounded soldiers, not caring about the negative effects it would have on Karin.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 431 shows how Karin’s status as an army healer has deteriorated her life. Everyone continued to use their chakra without worrying about their own health. The soldiers continued to hurt her body to use her chakra, and the episode doesn’t shy away from using horrifying imagery to show how vulnerable and violated Karin felt.

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